Stage Hypnosis – Tricks Are For Kids

 Stage Hypnosis – Tricks Are For Kids

Stage hypnosis is perhaps the biggest joke in the realm of covert hypnosis. Since when does getting people to cluck like chickens have anything to do with the art of persuasion? What Stage Hypnosis  does entertainment hypnosis have to do with seducing women or getting a raise at work? What does stage hypnosis have to do with increasing your own personal power so that you can obtain leverage in your social interactions? You guessed it–NOTHING.

Stage hypnosis has absolutely nothing to do with the arts of influence and persuasion. In fact, every time you see a stage hypnosis show, the stage hypnotist asks for volunteers to come up on stage. Real covert hypnosis doesn’t need volunteers. Covert hypnosis is about influencing people on both conscious and unconscious levels. The idea of using stage hypnosis, magic, or even mesmerism to influence and persuade people is a joke. It simply doesn’t work. Yea, it will keep people entertained, but entertainment and persuasion are two entirely different things.

It’s time to set the record straight, because there are a bunch of stage hypnotist running around promising to teach you their “secrets”. They promise you money and power. They promise you fame and power over the opposite sex. But they are making false promises to you that they cannot keep. Entertainment hypnosis, and every single so called hypnosis program that teaches stage hypnosis, is a joke. It’s good for a couple of laughs, but that’s about it.

Covert hypnosis is the only proven form of hypnosis that gives money, power, and respect to its practitioners. One reason why this is true is because this is what covert hypnosis was designed for. Covert hypnosis is the most powerful tool available that you can use in social interactions in order to increase your status and your pocketbook with ease.

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