How to Play Dice: The Game of Life

DICE is a dice rolling simulator that’s a big deal in the gaming world.

But this new version of the game is a little more complicated than its predecessor, according to a new video by Dice creator David Ewing.

The new version features three more colors and two more dice sizes, making it easier to keep track of the dice and learn new skills.

The dice are more complicated to roll than they used to be, Ewing said in the video, adding that it’s easier to lose track of them now because the new dice are larger and heavier.

You’ll need to learn to count them, too, as they’ve been replaced with smaller dice.

The video was released on Wednesday and will be available to watch in the coming days.

If you want to see how the new game feels in practice, Ewings says you can play a full game with just five dice, or one with four and two others.

Ewing says the game was originally designed as a fun way to keep a cool head, and he hopes that the new version will inspire people to get more active in their lives.