What’s in a name? The story of how the Washington Redskins changed the NFL’s name

(1:42:23)The NFL is set to unveil its 2017-18 team name Monday, with the Redskins in the running for the most-watched name in sports history.

The NFL’s decision to give the Redskins the honor comes as the league has begun the process of removing all of its mascots.

The move to name the team after the first Native American chief of an American Indian tribe was announced in November, but the name was never officially approved.

“We are committed to creating a team that represents the great American tradition and the American dream, and we want to be recognized as the best franchise in the history of the NFL,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said at the time.

The new name will be officially unveiled Monday at a news conference at the team’s headquarters in Arlington, Va.

It will be the first time since 1964 that a team name has been announced by the NFL, which began in 1920.

The Redskins are owned by the city of Washington, D.C., and the name has become a trademark in the state.

The name Redskins is part of a group of teams that has used the word Redskins for more than 100 years, and it has been used for teams from the U.S. Military to the Washington Nationals baseball team.

But the Redskins team name had been an issue.

The name, which originally stood for the Washington-Baltimore-Washington Territory, was used in the mid-1950s by the U-2 spy plane, which flew spy missions over Russia and the Soviet Union.

In a landmark case in 1977, a U..

S.-based firm brought a lawsuit against the league and the NFL for using the name, claiming it was discriminatory.

The lawsuit was settled in 1980.

The current name, as announced by Goodell, will be based on the city’s historic name of Washington and includes “the city’s iconic image as a peaceful city.”

The team’s new name was inspired by the “Spirit of the Washington” that is believed to have been planted by Native Americans, who called themselves the “Deweyans.”

The new team name was chosen after extensive research into the name.

It was selected in consultation with Native American leaders, league officials and other stakeholders, according to a team statement.

“It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the new mascot for the team, and I am proud to lead the team on the path toward inclusion and inclusion of all members of our community in our game,” said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

“We know we have a great history with the Dixie Chicks and other Native American teams, but we want the Redskins to be a part of the history and heritage of the city.”