Can you eat carrots?

On Monday, a new food blog called Eat the Carrots, was launched.

The name is a play on the word “carrots” and the idea is that you can enjoy the vegetables and other ingredients without having to cut your grocery bill.

The site, which launched in the fall of 2017, has been downloaded by more than 25,000 people, and will soon have its first batch of ingredients ready for sale.

“I’ve never eaten carrots before,” says Rachel McQueen, the site’s co-founder.

“It’s really hard to find carrots in Canada.

It’s a hard plant to grow.

You can grow them on a small scale in the backyard, but you have to use a lot of pesticides, and the cost is high.”

So, to get started, McQueen and her team have enlisted the help of the City of Toronto’s food service team.

“They’ve been really great to us,” McQueen says.

“We didn’t have any other options, so we were like, ‘OK, we need a carrot-friendly food service.'”

That’s where the team of chefs, pastry chefs, and food stylists come in.

“When we first started, we thought it was crazy,” McQueens says.

“‘You can’t eat carrots?’

You know, people are like, I want to eat carrots!

She worked for McDonalds and other restaurants for years, before she took a job at the Toronto Public Library. “

McQueen, who was raised on a farm in the United States, has spent her life experimenting with food and learning how to prepare and serve meals.

But her experience with carrot-eating has been a huge help. “

People think we’re nuts,” she says.

But her experience with carrot-eating has been a huge help.

“Everyone thinks it’s crazy, but I know that the people who really eat carrots are really, really smart.

They are really passionate about food and are super-aware of how food is made.”

So the team decided to focus on food that people could actually enjoy.

“There’s something really magical about eating carrots,” McQ and McQueen say.

“For us, carrots are the perfect meal for us.

And it’s really, super-easy to prepare.”

That includes the easy-to-prepare carrot cake, which McQueen makes at home.

“The cake is really easy, and then you put it in the oven and it’s pretty easy,” she explains.

“You just pour in the carrots, and it takes no more than an hour.”

The carrot cake is also good with brown rice and potatoes, but McQueen’s favourite part of the whole experience is eating it with a salad.

“A salad is really simple,” she notes.

“Take the carrot cake out of the oven, and put it on the salad.

And then you just pour it on top of the salad.”

There are other dishes that the carrot foodie community can take advantage of, too.

“Some of our members really enjoy pasta and rice, and some of our other members really love potatoes,” McQuinta says.

McQueen encourages people to get creative with their diet.

“Maybe a salad with greens, or a bowl of soup with carrots, or maybe a vegetable soup,” she adds.

“Whatever works for you.”

With files from Stephanie Rees.

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