Why ‘Dice’ is a hit with teens

The dice are a hit among teens in America’s casino industry.

In fact, casino gaming is growing by almost 30 percent each year, according to the Casino Rating, a website that tracks the industry.

And that’s not counting the millions of dollars that gamblers put into the game to make it their own.

The dice are also popular among adults, too, which could help explain why the industry has thrived.

“Casino game is a way for people to meet people who are looking for a social activity that is not only fun, but that is also rewarding,” said Lisa Mazzaro, vice president of marketing at the Las Vegas-based gaming company Dix.

Dice games have become so popular that there are now more than 20,000 in existence, according a report from the New York Times.

And the gaming industry has been booming for the past decade, with casinos seeing revenue growth of more than 400 percent in the last decade, according the industry’s latest report.

So, is the dice game addictive?

The casino industry is divided over whether it is addictive, or not.

It’s not that the dice are dangerous.

A recent study by researchers at the University of Washington found that, for people who use them, they are not as addictive as some other forms of gambling, like blackjack.

But, according.

the researchers, the game is addictive because of how often players do it.

That’s because the dice games allow players to do things like take bets on the outcome of a game, which can be lucrative, or to gamble on who will win a fight, said David J. Capp, a professor of psychology at the UW who led the study.

Players do that because they feel like they have a sense of reward, he said.

Players can’t control their actions, but they can choose to gamble to win a game.

They also can pay for it with chips and coins.

They can gamble in real money, which is harder to stop than a game of dice.

That’s one reason gambling is so popular in the casinos.

Casinos also use the game in a social setting, like during party-goers’ nights.

Players can meet others and have drinks and play dice, Capp said.

“You can also be a little more involved in the game if you are a little older,” he said, because the game offers a chance to win prizes and win cash, like at casinos.