Which dish is best for vegans?

More than 200,000 people have signed a petition asking the Government to ban the sale of meat and dairy products to vegans.

Key points:People have signed the petition saying they want to make sure that they can still enjoy eating veg foods, and that vegans should be allowed to buy meat and/or dairy productsSource:News.comau article Vegans can buy meat or dairy products at most supermarkets, and can buy the meat or milk directly from farms, but the Government is only allowing it to be sold at a discount of 25 per cent.

People can also buy meat at a “cheap” supermarket or “margarita” shop.

The campaign is being launched by the Vegan Society of Australia, which is calling on the Government not to ban meat and other animal products, but to make it more accessible to veg shoppers.

The petition was started by a vegan couple in Melbourne, who are not vegans, but they were surprised to learn they could purchase the meat at their local supermarket and not have to wait for the delivery.

“I was a bit shocked, I was thinking ‘oh my God, it’s just a normal everyday thing for me to buy, so what’s the big deal?'”

They have been raising awareness about the “veg” and “vegan” tagline, and said they thought it would be a good idea to use the hashtag.

“It’s been really positive, I’ve had a lot of people saying ‘thank you’ and ‘thank God for this’,” said the woman, who does not want to be named.

“There’s definitely been a lot more support, more people who have actually been open and saying ‘I’m vegan, this is really important’.”

Vegans and vegans are not the only people concerned about a ban.

There are also concerns that people who buy meat will be putting their health at risk, the Australian Vegans Association said.

“The issue is not necessarily just the vegans who eat meat, but also the meat-eating vegetarians who have the potential to increase their risk of developing some very serious and life-threatening illnesses if they are consuming meat,” the organisation said.

The organisation said the current Government policy did not recognise vegans as vegans and that there was no requirement for people to buy animal products.

The Vegan Society has called for the Government and supermarkets to review the policy.

“While we recognise that we are not a monolithic group, we also recognise that there are a range of different concerns that we have raised,” the association said.