How to use a die for fun, and die for gaming

DICE Games Inc., makers of the popular video game series Mario Party, has released a dice set to help players play their favorite game of all time, according to a tweet by its founder, Christian Koch.

The dice are designed to be played while sitting on your lap or table, and they come in a wide range of sizes to help the average player enjoy their gaming session.

They are printed in a soft plastic, which makes them easy to clean. 

Koch tweeted a photo of the dice with a caption: How to use an IDEA dice for fun and game play.

The dice come in different sizes to match the game of Mario Party.

A picture posted by Christian Koch (@christiankoch) on Aug 6, 2018 at 11:04am PDTThe dice have a diameter of about 3.2mm and a height of about 0.4mm, and come in three different shapes.

There is a 2mm diameter and a 1.5mm diameter for the “punch” and a 2.5 mm diameter for “stomp.”

The set comes with two sets of four dice, with the larger set having four sets of six dice.

They can be used in two ways.

They can be played together with the smaller set. 

Dice can also be combined to make a “duck,” where the smaller dice can be rolled over to create a smaller set of eight dice.

Koch said that the dice can also “roll out” or “dodge” through obstacles, such as a water tank or a block that is on the floor. 

The dice can roll out of the smaller size set, and can also roll into a larger one to create “ducks.”

The company is still working out the details on how the dice are supposed to function, but Koch says he is working on getting the dice to function well with other games, like board games.