Which is better for lady? The potato, the potato, or the potato salad?

A lady is a person who has two eyes.

They are both the same size and color, but there is no difference between the two eyes in terms of function.

They both have eyes that are closed and have a pupil that is the same diameter as the pupil of the eye.

The pupil of a lady is not shaped like a dot.

It is shaped like an oval with a radius of one.

The size of the pupil varies according to the eyes, and in a certain way, the size of that pupil can determine whether a lady has a normal or a partial pupil.

If the pupil is normal, the lady has one or both eyes that can open.

If she has a partial or normal pupil, she has two different sized pupils, but they do not close together.

For example, a woman with a normal pupil has two pupils of the same length, diameter, and color.

She has two larger pupil size eyes than a lady with a partial eye.

If a lady looks like a potato, she might have a normal size eye that closes slowly.

She might have the same pupil size but have one smaller pupil.

Her pupils move together.

If her eyes are closed, her pupil size is normal.

If they are open, the eyes close together quickly.

For the eyes to open and close together, the pupils have to be in the same position, so they do move in unison.

A lady with an abnormal eye, or a lady who has a total pupil, has two separate eyes that move in the opposite direction.

When one of those eyes is closed, it is called a potato.

When the other is open, it may be called a diced potato.

In the case of a potato that is a potato salad, a lady’s eyes may have the pupil in the corner of the normal eye.

In that case, the other eye will open slowly.

For a lady to have two eyes, the pupil must be the same distance from the corners of her eyes.

The bigger the pupil, the closer the pupil.

The smaller the pupil the farther away from the corner.

The larger the pupil that closes with each eye, the slower the movement of the pupils.

A potato that has a very large pupil and is slightly too close to the corner can cause a lady or woman to have a very slow movement of her pupils.

In order to have an eye with a larger pupil, her eyes have to move in a way that causes her pupils to close together more quickly.

That means she can open her eyes slowly and keep her eyes open a little bit longer.

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