Oogie Boogie Dice Camera Action is Now Available on the Google Play Store

DICE has announced that the upcoming Oogie boogies dice action game is now available for Android phones and tablets.

You can download the free app now on the Play Store and play your way through Oogieboogie Dice Action.

In a press release, DICE stated that OogieBoogie Dice action game features a “new approach” to the dice game that combines multiple play modes.

You will now be able to play as Oogie’s son, Dwayne, who is currently trapped in a prison cell with his dad, in order to escape.

“As you play Oogie Dice, the dice will roll to see which side you are on and you will be able use your powers to get out of this prison,” DICE explained.

“Oogie Boogies will roll a die to determine which side of the prison you will take, and if you take the prison side, you will escape from the prison.”

If you like the new OogieBongo Dice Action game, be sure to check out DICE’s upcoming OogaBoogie games:OogaBoogies: Oogie-Oogie Dice Adventures, a fun and addictive game of Oogie and OogieBoogeys, will release on the Android Market later this month.

DICE recently announced the release of the second part of its Ooga Boogie series, which is also scheduled to launch in September.