What is a dice tray?

The Chicago Blackhawks won a Stanley Cup championship in 2011, and their team is celebrating with a new set of dice for fans to collect.

But as of today, they’re also discontinuing the die sets.

According to a blog post by NHL Digital, the team announced in a statement on Wednesday that it’s “completing our roll out of the 2016-17 NHL season.”

The post does not specify when the new sets will go on sale, but it’s likely that the dates will coincide with the start of the NHL regular season.

The new sets are available on NHLStore.com and the NHL app.

 (If you’re wondering how you can get a chance to collect a set, the blog post says that “all players will receive a set from the team before each season starting in the NHL season opener.

All players will also receive a separate set for the NHLPA playoffs, and the entire league will receive one set for every team in each NHL season.

All sets will also be available for purchase through the NHL Store, and players will be able to pick them up from the player shop once each season.”)

The team also said that all players will have access to the team’s official merchandise line, which includes merchandise from the Blackhawks, the Chicago Blackhawks, and other teams.

There’s also an exclusive “T-shirt” line available.

In addition, players will now be able purchase a “Bubble Pack” of all of the players’ merchandise from NHLStore, including the new dic medical abbreviviation set.

The team said that the new set will also allow players to “sign their names on to the dic sheet to collect the Stanley Cup and other Stanley Cup-related items.”

This isn’t the first time that the team has gone on the hunt for new dice.

In 2015, the Hawks also launched a new collection of dice with a die, called “Dice Packs,” which included a pair of gold hockey sticks, a white baseball cap, and a white towel.

That set also came with a set of silver dice, but was discontinued before it could be released.

The Blackhawks are now celebrating their 40th anniversary.