When Mario Party 12 rolls out, it’ll let you play a diceless game of dice, according to the developer’s new press release

By MICHAEL BECKERDICKThe dicest of dicers has arrived in Mario Party 13, but you’ll have to play a sex dice game to make it happen.

The developer has partnered with the dice company Namco, the publisher of the popular Dungeons & Dragons game, to bring the dice-powered Mario Party series to Android.

DiceRoll has been on a roll lately.

The publisher has released a number of games that let players use their own dice in order to solve a variety of problems.

The first of these games was DiceRoll, released in 2008.

In a recent update, DiceRoll updated its online site to reveal the upcoming Mario Party 14, which will have a dice-based mechanic.

The game will be playable in “the same world” that Mario Party 11 is set in.

In addition, the company has launched its own dice-themed mobile app, Diceroll.

The app lets users select a set of six dice and use them to build an array of custom, random objects.

Players can then use the dice to roll and use dice-related effects to solve problems.DICEroll is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The company says it is “fully committed to bringing this exciting game mechanic to Android as soon as possible.”