When You Wish Upon a Dic Cube, You Can Build an Onion

Dic labs, a dice gaming company, is looking to create an onion with the help of 3D printing.

The dice games company announced on Monday that it had reached a partnership with the onion maker, dica.

The two companies are now collaborating on 3D printed onion.

Dica is a company that creates onion chips.

The company is also working with a number of other companies to make the chips, which they say are a bit of an improvement on traditional chips.

In a press release, dic labs says the onion is about two millimeters thick and is roughly three centimeters long.

Dic Labs is making a $2.6 million investment in the partnership.

The team plans to release an onion that has been coated with nanoparticles and made into a 3D model of the onion.

The new onion is also about two centimeters thick and it’s about three centimeters in length.

The onion is expected to retail for $2,400.

According to the company, dico labs has been making onion chips for the past three years and it is working to perfect the 3D manufacturing process.

The chip is expected arrive in early 2017.