Which die are you? Here’s the latest coverage from BuzzFeed News


The Dice Tower  (http://www.buzzfeed.com/kristenfischer/which-die-are-you-here-the-latest-coverage-from-buzzy-news)  – 5.1 –  “I have a hard time seeing why anyone would want to spend any time playing a game that’s been proven to kill their children, if it’s just another game for adults to play.” 

-Andrew P. Brown, New York Times 2. 

Dice Tower 2  – 5 -“The dice tower is so great.

It’s a great way to get out of your desk chair and play.”-Ryan J. Smith, The Verge 3. 

The Dice Tower 2 (http://thedicetower.com) – 6 “Playing dice is a great exercise that you’ll never get tired of.”-Benjamin Gaffney, The Daily Dot 4. 

Roll the Dice Tower (http.youtube.com.au/rollthedicetower/) -4 “It is very well done.”-Jeff Koehler, The New York Post 5. 

A Dice Tower (https://www,dicetowers.com/) – 4.7 “The Dice Towers 2 is an absolute joy to play and look forward to more.”-J.T. Bowers, Forbes 6. 

Tiny Dice Tower: Dice Tower on Your Table (http:/www.dice-towers-tnt.com/?p=4) –  3 “Dice Tournaments are a great and fun way to engage your friends with some friendly, dicey fun.

The best part is you can play any of the dice you want and get creative!”-Troy Stiles, Dice Tower 7. 

Maze Dice Tower –  6.1  The Maze Dice Tower is a free online game for two players, ages 8 and up.

 This game features two different types of dice, dice with no faces, and dice with faces.

The player that has the most points wins.

The Maze is a fun and relaxing game for any ages.

It is a perfect game for children, ages 4 and up, and even adults with more experience. 


Mini Dice Tower with Dice (http: https://mini-dice.com/_/mini-towards-the/)  1. 

Zombie Dice Tower 3: Zombie Dice Tower 4 (http:\/www.zombie-dicestuffs.com\_/zombie/) 2.

Dice Tower Plus: Dice Towers 3 (http): https:\/\/www.digital-pulse.com\/dicets3/) 3.

The Maze Dice Tower (http.: https:/www.)

-3.3 – 3.4 -3