The first game of its kind: 3-sided dice game with 3D printed potatoes

In a first for the gaming industry, a tabletop game will offer users a new and unique way to enjoy their favourite games.

The dice game, called Dicey Potato, is set to be launched at Gen Con this year and it will feature a 3-D printed potato that players can pick up and roll to make dice rolls.

Players will be able to mix and match different types of dice with different designs, and they will be rewarded for doing so by having a different coloured, more complex, and more varied dice pool to roll with.

Dicey’s creators are calling the dicey potato “the first ever game with a 3D-printed potato”, which means that the game will feature three colours of the same colour of potato, each of which has a unique design and will offer a different outcome.

“I am thrilled to be bringing a new, exciting experience to gamers everywhere,” Dicey founder and CEO Joe Stanczuk said in a statement.

“Our first game is an incredible way to give a new twist to dice games, and we hope to offer a wide range of dice for every game of Dicey.”

The dicey potatoes will be released at Gencon on May 25.

It will also be available at other gaming conventions and other locations worldwide.

The game will include the same rules for use as any regular dice game.

Players can mix and combine dice with various designs to get different results, including the ability to mix the dice with a special type of potato.

Players can then use their dice to make the roll for any number of dice rolls, as long as all of the dice rolled are the same type.

There will also not be a maximum number of rolls a player can make, as they can mix them up and combine them to create their own dice pool.

Players are also able to use their game as a stand-alone board game, or add other dice and dice combinations to the game to play together in the same room.

The Dicey website explains that players will be encouraged to add as many dice as they like to the dice pool, adding a unique twist to the existing dice games.

The dice can also be used as a mini-game, in which players can try to make a series of rolls and see how well they stack up against the other players.

Dice will also have their own unique, unique, special, and random dice types.

Dice can be rolled by hand or with a gaming machine, and there will also also be a number of optional, pre-set dice, including 3-d printed dice and 3-dimensional printed dice.

The creators say the dice are the first of its type ever, and it was an exciting project to get started with.

“We have been designing this game for years, and this is the first time that we are releasing a game that is 3- dimensional printed and 3D Printed with potato,” Dicex co-founder and CEO Steve Boggs said in the company’s statement.