Your Peak Productivity Zone

 Your Peak Productivity Zone

A critical mindset both for executives and everyone else is that your most precious assets are your time, your energy and your focus. Effectiveness is enhanced  when you bring precious assets into alignment with values and purpose. In this key we explore how to maximize the productivity zone to help you apply your precious assets with this awareness in mind.

Here is the ultimate productivity insight. The idea in short: The most productive people in most fields produce their most important work in 90-120 minutes a day. That’s the bad news. But it’s the good news, too, if you know how to make the most of your Peak Productivity Zone. Top performers produce their most vital work, impactful collaborations and breakthrough innovations inside 120 minutes a day. The peak productivity zone is exercised in five main patterns (templates): Sprints, Solitude, Intervals, Transitory moments and Combinations. We’ll explain each of these in a moment.

What about the other 20 hours, or at least six, seven or ten hours at work? Are they a total waste? Absolutely not! You use these hours to do everything else that you need to do in order to live, learn, connect, love, play, make meaning and enjoy. By using this other time optimally you clear the space and help yourself be your best in the peak performance and productivity zone.


If your entire workday is comprised of multi-tasking – if you do not turn off multi-tasking ever – you deprive yourself of your highest productivity zone and likely will not ever realize your full talent and capability.

Let us be clear. Multi-tasking is great. It is essential for a productive life. You would not survive a day without it. But living is about much more than surviving. It is about thriving; about playing a bigger game. It is about making a breakthrough contribution; about creating significance. Your peak productivity zone is found in full and total engagement. Your undivided presence and focus becomes the conduit of possibility, meaning and the next breakthrough.

Naturally, a large part of your work time is spent on multiple activities, preparing and supporting what you are then able to do in your productivity zone, which is where you focus on the task at hand to the exclusion of all else and produce your most valuable contributions.

The patterns you create and apply for your peak productivity are determined by:

1. Your role and responsibilities: You are managing virtual teams, involved in one or many projects, participate in many meetings, and so on…

2. Your biorhythm and habits: Your energy cycles-Are you a morning or an evening person? And so on…

3. Your situational and work environment: You work from your home office, in cubicles, in a closed office, have a long or short commute, travel a lot, and so on…

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