Why Men Should Use Foundations and Concealers

 Why Men Should Use Foundations and Concealers

Weird, strange, gay; these are just a few words some people say when you mention men wearing cosmetics. A few people consider a man who wears makeup as  inclusivity  “not a real man.”
Well they are wrong. Amazingly, more and more men are breaking with this tradition and using concealers, foundations, anti-aging and skin care products.

While women’s cosmetic and skin care sales are growing at a meager 2-3% a year, Men’s skin care and makeup is rising at an amazing rate. Some companies are reporting a 50% increase in male face products.

At this alarming rate men all over the world, men are raiding their girlfriend, wife’s and sister’s cosmetic bags. Men want blemish-free skin, and why not? With the “appearance is everything” attitude a guy has to face on a daily basis, looking his best is everything. Even if that means putting a little “camo” on his face.

At work, college, and at the bar, men are actually finding it easier with the ladies also.
Many women think a pimple-free, healthy-looking appearance is a major factor if they like a guy or not. In several recent polls women were asked if they thought it was a good idea for a man to wear a foundation or concealer to hide unwanted red spots and blemishes on a first date. A whopping 75% to 85% of women said yes. The first impression was that important to them.

So if at least 75% of the women think making a good first impression is important enough for guys to break with tradition and engage in some sort of cosmetic camo grooming, why is it still taboo? Well it’s other guys. They are worried about what they might say. So men who do use these products are keeping it quite and the guys who aren’t are wondering why they can’t get a date.

They laugh and call the guys who wear cosmetics sissies and everything else. But the fact is, we guys who are wearing makeup are getting the chicks, while they’re sitting there on the corner stool of the bar wondering why no women will talk with them. We are reaping the benefits of a little foundation. It’s appearance, appearance, appearance. Women, when polled, would rather have a guy who is over weight, bald, and anything else you can think of, rather than one who has blemishes and acne. Having a nice face is that important.

So why should a man wear cosmetics? It’s simple, you get more girls. And if you don‘t believe me, try it. You‘ll be amazed at how many women will come up to you. I sure was.
Women like guys who look good.

But don’t over do it. Guys that plaster on makeup just look silly. You have to look like you have natural looking skin, not like a rodeo clown. If you’re unsure   tips on how to choose the right color and use it. Remember, a little goes a long way.

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