Why Bother Using a Wedding Make Up Artist?

 Why Bother Using a Wedding Make Up Artist?

Why Bother Using a Wedding Make Up Artist?

After all – you can probably get a friend to do everyone’s make up for just a box of chocolates as  London make up Artist  a “thank you”. And it saves a lot of money.

It’s an undisputed fact, though, that you only get one chance to “get it right” on your wedding day…So, it’s a choice – and generally only influenced by that ugly little beast – money.

Let’s weigh up the pros and the cons here…

Wedding Make Up should be special – very, very special. On this most important of days, the bride should look at her most beautiful. Ideally, Wedding Make Up should be long lasting, look amazing in photographs and be timeless.

Every bride should love how she looks in the pictures ten or twenty years from now.

And the Make Up must be geared to the dress, the bride’s natural colouring and the “all-important” photographs.

It’s a delicate balance in using the tricks of the trade that the fashion/ modelling world uses (something that the friend or part timer doesn’t have!) and keeping with something that’s totally bride focused.

Bridal Make Up should look great in the flesh and in the photos – too many times we’ve seen wedding photos where the bride looks like a porcelain doll – probably looked fine in the flesh but the camera does some cruel things…

Natural blonds, for instance, normally need natural colours but with a touch of warmth, Brunettes can usually wear a fairly deep foundation and redheads can look sensational when you highlight, rather than conceal any freckles.

Or if you want the “Wow!” look, most good makeup artists should be able to handle that too!

Whether it’s makeup for a fashion shoot or wedding, the object is the same – get the stars of the show looking fantastic all day…

Whilst you may consider the offer of friends and family to do the Make Up for the bride/ bridesmaids and Mum, it really is the icing on the cake (no pun intended!) to have your own Wedding Make Up Artist for the day.

“So, what about my friend Jenny who’s good at makeup and said she’d do every

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