Where To Buy Bee Pollen – A Look At Getting The Best Supplements For Health and Longevity

 Where To Buy Bee Pollen – A Look At Getting The Best Supplements For Health and Longevity

 Does It Matter Where I Buy My Bee Pollen?

Yes! Yes, it does matter where you buy your pollen from, it’s not one of those generic household items that are the same regardless of where or what brand you purchase. health shop near me  In fact, to get the best results, you have to buy only the best pollens from a reputable source.

There is no point in buying an inferior brand because it’s cheaper, or at a store you like to shop at. That is because; it’s the quality that provides you the benefits, not its cost or popularity. In this article, we shall take the answer the question of “where to buy bee pollen from?” By taking a look at four different venues to purchase your pollen from, to see which venue provides the best quality for its customers.

The Supermarket: Not the Best Quality Bee Pollen

While the supermarket will undoubtedly offer this supplement at the best price, it will not be offering the best quality at all. Many supermarkets such as Wal-Mart, buy products in bulk, such as pollen supplements from 3rd party suppliers, and then re-brand those products as their own. This often clouds the origins of supermarket pollen in a mystery, because their origins are not listed.

This leads to concerns as to whether the pollen was imported from countries which have the wrong and often toxic environments for producing this supplement such as China, or the Western Coast of Australia.

Health Shops

Health shops are clearly a better place to shop for your pollen products. You can be assured that they will provide as much detail as they possibly can about the products they sell. However, this isn’t always the best possible avenue, as much like the supermarket they could still be buying in bulk and re-branding. But at least the origins are clearer in a health food shop.

Direct From The Apiaries (Bee Hives)

If you’re lucky enough to live near, or have friends who own apiaries, then purchasing direct from the apiaries is definitely an option for you. The only downside with such direct purchases is that the product you buy will not have been sanitized and may even contain particles of bee detritus and fecal matter. Something even the hardiest of stomachs would not want to handle.


Xtend-Life is a health supplements company, and amongst their stock, they sell an invaluable bee pollen supplement. Their product has all of those valuable aspects you should look for when purchasing pollen; origins, nutritional content, encapsulated pollen, customer support and so much more.

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