Where Do Stage Hypnotists Fit Into The Hypnosis Industry?

 Where Do Stage Hypnotists Fit Into The Hypnosis Industry?

There has been a lot of discussion in online forums regarding the topic of whether or not stage hypnosis is detrimental to the field of hypnotherapy.

As you can imagine Stage Hypnotist  there are two schools of thought on the topic. A lot of people are of the opinion that a stage hypnotist visiting town can damage the local hypnotherapy practices by scaring the hell out of people who witness relatively normal, everyday folk getting up on stage to be at the whim of the guy with the microphone and the evil, menacing stare.

People in the opposing camp, however, suggest that a stage/comedy hypnotist can actually promote hypnotherapy by igniting the public’s imagination and curiosity.

Personally, I’m in camp number two. Of course, I think that there should be guidelines when it comes to working with people in a stage environment.

There are, however, unethical and unsafe hypnotists who disregard the rules and bring people up on stage to embarrass and humiliate them for the sake of entertainment, in the same way that unethical hypnotherapists can sometimes disregard their ethical code of conduct when treating clients.

It must be noted that the vast majority of people who g

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