Utilizing Espresso Pods – 3 Great Drink Recipes You Can Make at Home

 Utilizing Espresso Pods – 3 Great Drink Recipes You Can Make at Home

Coffee shops are great especially when the barista knows precisely how you enjoy your espresso drink. He knows that every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you get a  Push Pods   decaf, grande, with whip, soy, sugar-free hazelnut latte and every Tuesday and Thursday you get a tall, no whip, mint mocha. All those words sound very impressive, and it seems the barista is a part of some grand secret society for coffee makers, and only trained gurus can do what he does. Well, that’s no longer the case. With an espresso pod, anyone can make a great latte, mocha, cappuccino, breve, or macchiato. All it takes is simple recipes and understanding a little more about coffee lingo. I will tell you about three of the most delicious basic espresso drinks that can be made using an espresso pod and some steamed milk.

1. The Latte – This drink is very easy, and you will be amazed at how much money you could save not having to spend $5 on every drink in the coffee shop. Basically, a 16 oz. latte is made with anywhere from 1 – 3 oz. of espresso (depending on taste) and the rest steamed milk. That’s it! If you want it flavored with a specific flavoring, you can go to the grocery store or online, and order those syrups and put about half an ounce to ounce of flavoring.

2. The Cappuccino – This drink takes a slightly higher degree of skill and is commonly confused with a sugary coffee gas station drink that can be received with a push of a button. Similarly to the latte, you want to add about the same amount of espresso and you add frothed steam milk. Basically, it’s milk with a lot of bubbles in it. You can achieve this

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