Tips for Getting a Government Used Car at a Public Auction

 Tips for Getting a Government Used Car at a Public Auction

Why buy a government used car at a public auction? A better question would be, why not? Used cars sold at government public auctions tend to be in good running condition and there is no question as to the car’s title. If you look for a used car at other types of public auctions, you will have deal with several unknowns, such as: Was this car Rachat de voitures d’occasion  properly maintained? How many people have owned it previously? Does it have a clean title? These are questions that should not come up when you are getting a government used car.

You may be curious about why the government auctions off its used cars. Because the law requires them to, of course. The government turns over its inventory every few years. At such times, the government will replace a used fleet of vehicles with a new one, and the replaced vehicles have to be put up for auction. Furthermore, the government sometimes incurs a surplus when purchasing its vehicles and equipment. Such surplus is required by law to be sold at a public auction.

The US Government Services Administration, or the GSA, is the government agency most associated with the holding of public vehicle and equipment auctions. The quality of the goods sold at GSA public auctions is generally respectable. They also have a large variety of used government vehicles on offer at their auctions. They do not have just regular sedans, but also SUVs, Hummers, Jeeps, ATVs, trucks, buses, pickups, motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, and aircraft.

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