The World-Old (A Short Story, of Science Fiction of the 22nd Century)

The World-Old (A Short Story, of Science Fiction of the 22nd Century)

(An Island Continent lie underneath his feet, as the Neanderthal’s boat Drew nearer…)

Section One

The Great Neanderthal


“The world-old, as far as we might be concerned, as I had learned about it, was currently the new world, or the main world I knew. I had found out about it, how it was, utilized to be, that was 165-years previously however, the Great Nuclear War (holocaust of the twenty-first century)took place in 2016 A.D., from pitiful quality I had perused, and after the conflict, there was very little left for man to get by on-from that point, hypothesis of how the Western Hemisphere from the Eastern was, was mysterious, there being no such thing as North American, or strategic relations, as from the old world request. Every one of the grounds were pervaded with ethnic and ancestral people groups, a few little towns to a great extent, and municipalities, even a couple of bigger urban communities however for the most part recovered from the remaining parts of the Great Bombardment, yet damnation to live in. No such thing as overseas business. All such things had long stopped before I was conceived attributable to the commotion and dangers of the flighty waters of the how to join illuminati for fame contained something like 300 atomic bombs, a few 283-megatons. There was never a way out for anybody. God alone knew the specific number of people that died that day, maybe four-billion, and afterward there was the oceans, the prey in the seas, sharks and executioner whales, and the steady title waves themselves, and continuous tempests, nothing could explore the extraordinary oceans of earth back in those days-that represented one more obscure number of dead, and afterward came the Neanderthal, not certain assuming they truly were Neanderthal, however we as a whole called them that, outsiders, or Neanderthal-Titans, no different either way if you were to ask me. The best contention against harmony the world had at any point known since that destructive day of the Great Bombardment, the invasion of the world, was these animals.

Furthermore, I ended up on the shores, I in all actuality do accept of one of the Azores, maybe the greatest of the islands, here I discovered a lasting sense of reconciliation, flourishing and joy past the soaked universe of the predominant Neanderthals, alone indeed, yet alive. I came here quite a while back, at nineteen years old, or was I twenty, I can’t recall now. I never again know the destiny of the surrendered lands, the grounds I’ve surrendered, which lie past this island, and comparably well. Furthermore, beneath me, under this island is a landmass. It came up out of the midsection of the earth, when the Great Bombardment occurred, I can see it on a radiant day, even stroll off this island and onto the landmass underneath, it is a couple of feet deep at its most shallowest point.

In any case, for any kind of family down the line purpose, this war I was discussing involved China and Russia as well as the USA, the Middle East, it included I see some little nation named Korea and Japan, and Iran, I am aware of Iran, it’s old Persia. Different ones I needed to learn about in an old book, more than 100 years of age. The Neanderthals consumed the majority of our writing, controlled with an iron hand as it’s been said. What’s more, a few of us people rebelled against them, maybe they are long-dead at this point. So life considers that my story be told, and given to the future world. In spite of the fact that war won’t be eliminated perpetually by man, or anything that might have his spot, just the Good Lord of the High Heavens can safeguard this. However, I am happy that I have been decided to engrave this story into stone, compared to the Rosetta stone. I will before long move this extraordinary stone off this precipice, into the ocean underneath, on this side of the mountain, it is 1,000 feet I accept, and let the hands of Providence track down alternate ways of elevating it, wherein due time, man will be prepared to understand it, without fear of dangerous damage.

Certainly as I put into stone here, the last couple of letters, I find in the far away distance, the Neanderthals approaching the island, they will definitely drape me before their masses, for the brilliance of catching me, however I have something different arranged.


I go by Ramsey Cowley. I was brought into the world in a land once called Minnesota. Thus I joined a group known as “The Free world,” and took in the specialty of fighting. I joined from the get-go throughout everyday life, at seventeen years old, at nineteen got the position of Major. Quite a bit of my administration was in hunting the Neanderthal, deaths. My last mission was to catch and bring back alive, the Great Outlaw, Neb Nedol; he was known as the pile of thunder, the glare of easing up. He came out of nowhere out of a vaporous wall, with fierceness and whirlwind inside the limits of my campground, high up in the Andes. He rode in on a magnificent white pony in near ease, as though to seem descending from the mists. Be that as it may, he was unable to delude me-I knew precisely what his identity was, maybe my twenty men I directed thought him a battle, for they were hit with terror(all yet one, Zeraval, who strangely vanished in the evening, he was the sergeant of my subsequent crew, I had two crews of ten men every, he really was my generally steadfast of the entire parcel, so I thought.

I was searching for another clarification, however all that I could concoct was he sold me out to the Neanderthal, and deserted his sort for gold, or different administrations he could require from now on, who’s to say, it is all guess obviously, I won’t ever truly be aware, and maybe good or not knowing)- like a tempest he suddenly erupted with the head, and teeth joined to the jawbone of a smash, utilizing it like a battleax, and slew each of the nineteen of the twenty of my friends it was very early on, we had quite recently gotten up to get ready breakfast. His face was grave and at first I thought he was a dream.

“Well,” I said, after he had killed each of the twenty less one, of my men-my voice tense with fervor and fear and I no longer had my gun in my grasp (of which I had just three bullets),nor the stone weapon, that seemed to be a knife, in my other hand, I was currently under his control spunky close, he gave me a message:

“Come and serve me, bow to me, and my confidence, gain a fast ground to my sanctuary, would it be a good idea for you not, would it be advisable for you endeavor to brave the tempest upon the outer layer of the earth, the one I have made, intended for all humanity, it will be self-destructive.”

For that second he was in order, so apparently. I didn’t say anything, in spite of the fact that his words were very much taken, only such a demonstration can bring a man into pursuing a fast and fundamental choice past the ordinary dreary cycle the brain of man goes through managing thinking things out before hand, before he makes a last goal, we are know all about such pondering cycles, I’m certain, yet I let myself know I was unable to bow, yet I was figuring I could serve him, yet how might one do this without the other, henceforward, I didn’t need to settle on the last choice, it was made for me.


All things considered, to continue ahead with the story, he didn’t leave as I was trusting, maybe anticipating that he should, and permitting personal opportunity to ponder, and he dropped his weapon-at that moment, something different un-eager; then, daylight, a splendid thick fume like cloud with a wild wellspring of daylight showed up, a hard piece of layers underneath it, struck him, as though spirits emerged from a dim tempest into light, with a weapon push up into his stomach, as though a person or thing had been keeping these spirits down, and they had recently gotten free, for the wellbeing of I, and maybe in compassion of my circumstance, this light went to enormous levels, he battled these components, however nothing could unsettle them. Subsequently, I had theorizing upon my possibility moving away, horrible everything was to this transcending, thirteen food Neanderthal-Titan.

This transcending figure currently stood gazing at me as though at salute, then he fell like an extraordinary wood to the ground, shuddered the earth some, I was intellectually processing the seconds to me that probably passed before this incredible being became winded, I didn’t move, and when I did I said,

“What happens next?”

I had taken a stab at all that to make sense of this event, until I was depleted to my kin, they generally excused this as though I was being humble, said, in a couple of kind words, “You are the legend, you have killed the main criminal of the world.”

Yet, everything they didn’t say to me, and maybe it didn’t seem obvious them, I turned into the most needed, that is-pursued, legend on the planet. Everybody needed a piece of me; the new world was the same than the old world before me, and that distant world, called the Stone Age.

I had brief period to consider this, happenstance or not, the Neanderthals had a cost on my head, I was a prize to be caught. What’s more, for the numerous clans and people groups of the world, I was a legend to be placed into an enclosure, and everybody needed to battle me, see me, check whether they could be number one.

I had figured multiple times on what to do-I dare not lower myself in some cavern, even my sort, my kin would be enticed to offer me to the most elevated bidder-accordingly, I learned you don’t impact the world by changing the times, you straightforward do things unique. Presently I was called Ramsey the Great, who killed the Great Neanderthal-Titan, with one blow. Marvelous rushes of trying rolled in from all sides-; there was no extension man or crossovers could assemble, that would save me from the paws of a fiendish being’s heart.


As it turned out to be increasingly more evident I needed to leave under front of the evening, and I did precisely that-(I would look for the closest land in the extraordinary sea, maybe on my process investigate the neglected grounds I had learned about, here was my opportunity, or on the other hand assuming that I needed to stay adrift, and die, yet the overall influence among the races of the world was as of now not a secret, the Neanderthal controlled, as they did millennia prior. Maybe some will think my takeoff was treachery, I would have answered to them, as I will now to you: there is no regulation which forces to put discipline upon oneself. Would it be a good idea for me I have remained this was my fate, and where there is no regulation, and just treachery, and we are ill-fated the impulses of others, then we become our own best appointed authorities, demanding judgment upon those whom would wish to oppress.

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