The Truth About the War on Terror

 The Truth About the War on Terror

The year was 1979 and the Soviet Union had just invaded Afghanistan. Their paratroopers landed in Kabul and seized control of the government and their army poured into the country. The reason for the invasion was to assist the government of the cold war wonder weapon class  time in their fight against the Mujahedeen, a group of Islamic “freedom fighters” opposing the government of President Amin, a Marxist-Leninist. As a good Marxist should, Amin was opposing the religious establishment in Afghanistan. Unfortunately for him, the nation was (and is) seriously Islamic. A guerrilla war ensued. There was a treaty in place from some years prior that allowed the Soviets to enter the country upon the request of the government. The Kremlin used this treaty as a rationale for the invasion of the country. Soon after, they executed President Amin and replaced him with a president more to their liking. This all happened at the height of the cold war and the U.S. viewed this incursion as either a Soviet land grab or an opportunity to spring a trap on the Soviet Union similar to the experience we had as a nation in Vietnam.

In order to do this, we went to the intelligence services of our “allies ” in the region, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The Saudi’s provided the money while the Pakistan ISI (Pakistan’s intelligence service) organized and passed weapons to the Mujahedeen to assist them in fighting the Soviets. CIA officers assisted in country in arranging for the rebels to receive weapons and technical support to oppose the Soviets. This went so far as to provide handheld anti-aircraft missiles called Stingers to the Mujahedeen for use against the Russian helicopters. The Soviet Union makes some of the finest armored and well- armed helicopters in the world ( the Mujahedeen are said to have stated that they weren’t afraid of Soviet soldiers but they were afraid of their helicopters). To make a long story short, at least in the short run, this strategy worked wonderfully. The Mujahedeen fought a long insurgency and finally, in 1989, after years of conflict, the Soviet forces withdrew. The intelligence services plans had worked well. The Soviet Union’s coffers were drained in order to fight a losing war.

The Saudis had done their part, including using a right wing, radical form of Islam called Wabbism to motivate the “freedom fighters,” and the motivation of a clergy declared “jihad” against the infidel Soviet forces occupying Afghanistan. Sound familiar? It worked like a charm. Volunteer fighters from over the entire middle -east had reported for duty and fought in Afghanistan. They also had become experienced warriors. And the Soviets weren’t the only infidels. The United States was supporting Israel and playing favorites in their favor and against the Arab states. Also, as a result of the first Iraq war we had troops stationed in the middle east. The U.S. had become the new infidels. Men like bin Laden had become expert fighters in the Afghan mountains and had returned home. In the case of bin Laden, he had made a success of himself in industry and had the fortune to prove it. Like any good businessman, he was also a charismatic person, and he knew how to get things done. Even if the “thing” was killing enough people to make more powerful nations bow to their goals. The primary goal of the new Mujahedeen was to create a conservative fundamentalist pan-Islamic state and to defend the “true faith.”

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