The Right Mandalay Bay Wedding Package For You

 The Right Mandalay Bay Wedding Package For You

Mandalay Bay’s wedding house of prayer is called Chapel by the Bay. There are a few Mandalay Bay wedding bundles you can look over to make your Las Vegas wedding day critical.

The Diamond Lights bundle brags a jug champagne, Mandalay Bay champagne woodwinds, select organic product crate, a bouquet each for the lady of the hour and house keeper of honor, a boutonniere each for the lucky man and best man, a marriage tie, complete visual inclusion of the wedding party and close family, a wedding collection containing 24 4×6 photos, a customized cowhide collection containing 12 8×10 photos, 12 5×7 photos, a DVD recording, a solidarity flame Wedding Certificate NFT  and administration and a custom holder for the wedding endorsement.

The Platinum Skies bundle incorporates the above flower bundles and boutonnieres, marriage fastener, jug of champagne with Mandalay Bay champagne woodwinds and custom holder for the wedding authentication. It likewise contains a video recording of the service, a musician and the pastor’s expense. The wedding collection contains 24 4×6 photos and one more ten 5×7 photos is remembered for this Mandalay Bay wedding bundle.

The Opal Shores bundle is basically the same as the Platinum Skies bundle yet it does exclude the house keeper of honor’s bouquet or the best man’s boutonniere. The photography for this bundle comprises of a wedding collection containing 20 4×6 photos and six 5×7 photos.

The Crystal Waters bundle includes a little bouquet for the lady, boutonniere for the husband to be, marriage tie, jug of champagne, custom holder for the wedding endorsement, musician and priest’s expense. The photography comprises of a wedding collection

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