The Power of Three

Throughout the history of mankind numbers have held a mysterious significance in the life of people. The ancient people habitually depended upon numbers to predict various situations and future events in their lives.

The importance of numbers is thus passed down to modern man as a tradition, and has incorporated in our psyche in the form of superstition and beliefs, symbolic of the religious and mythological cultures of our society.

And, just as many religious sectors, portray number three as a digit of divination, “Ubuntu 3” is one such company which has harnessed the power of three for perfect unity, love and brotherhood in the world.

Ubuntu is an African word, meaning we are all inter-linked with each other with unconditional love; there is no one without the other. You cannot separate yourself from the cosmic chain as much as you would like to because you are that precious link that holds the chain together in perfect harmony.

The importance of the triad connection is exemplified in several different cultures:

In Christianity, the Holy Trinity represents the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This could also be related to the father, mother and child all bound together in a holy union.

The Hindus believe in the sacred Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, representing the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer of evil, respectively.

Good thoughts, good words and good deeds are the three basic tenets of all religions, which complete the sum of human potential.

Life is a triad comprising the beginning, middle and the end, depicting that everything on Earth comes from the Source, lives its life and comes to an end when it has served its purpose, and thus completes one full cycle of life’s journey.

A human being is comprehensive of a body, mind and soul, which correspond to the physical, astral and spiritual planes of existence on which the respective facets of our being operate.

The past, present and future are the illusory time-lines on the planet upon which the dance of birth, life and death are performed.

We, therefore, declare that three denotes “completeness” in itself.

Furthermore, Ubuntu 3 resonates with the vibrational frequency of 3, empowering the world with the energies of integrity, trust, love and compassion. These higher vibrational frequencies, generated from the power of three, help to shift your consciousness into the vortex of an upward spiral thereby propelling you swiftly into the Light where you identify yourself in oneness with your God-self and start to live to the full potential of your soul.

The credo of Ubuntu 3, “I am what I am because of who we are”, reminds us of our cosmic connection with each other and with all life. Consequently, as each individual identifies himself in oneness with his fellow-beings, people honor and respect each other without judgment and prejudices of any kind.

Furthermore, your light of exuberance radiates out to others and warms the hearts, which are steeped in the desolation of life’s tribulations, inspiring them with renewed hope, love and laughter. This way the light spreads and encompasses the entire world in its warm glow of unconditional love.

But that’s not all. Numbers are often used as a means of communication by the heavenly Beings as a sign of warning or good tidings.

The frequent appearance of 3 is a trumpet call from the angelic realms, heralding the dawning of a bright, new day. The divine Angels want to impress upon you that it is time to let go of your heartaches and sorrows and to start rejoicing because the happy times are just round the corner.

In conclusion, we can say that Ubuntu 3 is indeed your veritable angel in disguise, calling you to rise in splendor to claim your rightful spiritual glory!

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