The Benefits of Using Colocation For Your Web Hosting

 The Benefits of Using Colocation For Your Web Hosting

Colocation is a great option for web hosting if you are a growing small business facing greate uk server collocation r hosting needs. When you host your server at a colocation facility you will be able to run your sites at greater speeds and with more security. It is not a great option if you are not near a metropolitan area because there will likely be few colocation facilities for you to store your servers at. If cost is a huge issue and you cannot afford to pay more to host your websites than it costs for standard web hosting, then colocation is not likely a good fit. Let me talk about some of the benefits so you’ll know if colocation is the right fit for your business.

More and better bandwidth for your money.

If you host your server with a colocation provider, you will be able to run your websites with higher bandwidth speeds, which will come in handy if your websites require a lot of processing or if you host a lot of HD video.

More reliable hosting.

Since colocation facilities exist to host servers, they are equipped to handle power outages and other events that can render a server useless for a short time. Colocation providers make sure to have plenty of backup generator power just in case a power outage does happen so that you aren’t left with a bunch of websites that won’t load because the server can’t run.

More security.

Colocation providers offer added security as well. The facilities are dedicated to servers, so the environment is set up for easy maintenance and optimized for security. If you’ve been having issues with security or other similar problems with your machines, this may be yet another reason to consider colocation.

The ability to have the colocation facility manage your servers.

Your colocation facility may have the ability to manage your servers if you so require. This could add convenience if you do not have anyone with an IT background on staff who is readily available to upgrade or maintain your servers. Of course, this service will come at an extra cost, but this option might add the hassle-free aspect of high bandwidth server hosting that you require in your colocation facility.

You own the server and the software.

You can go into your colocation provider at any time during it’s operating hours so that you can upgrade your servers with new software or do anything else that’s needed.

Is colocation right for you?

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