Tapestries – The Perfect Gift For a Lady

 Tapestries – The Perfect Gift For a Lady

When it comes to gifts of love, some will insist on diamonds. Your florist would prefer you send her flowers. Hallmark wants you to give her a singing card. All those gifts are Engel Anhänger  fine, but maybe you should think outside the jewelry box, push the scented envelope and pass on the perennial baby’s breath. What could be a more thoughtful gift than something she can look at every day? Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but a tapestry will warm her to her toes.

She will be surprised, of course. She may be confused by your uncharacteristic good taste; but she’ll fall in love with a carefully chosen gift of tapestry. Few similar presents offer the advantage of adding lasting beauty to your home while making a very personal statement. If the theme you choose isn’t too intimate, her tapestry can hang where her friends will see it. They’ll be impressed and intrigued, and she’ll be warmed by their reaction to your unusual gift from the heart.

Tapestries make thoughtful gifts

An expensive greeting card may make her smile for a few minutes. Flowers are lovely, but they fade quickly. What about diamonds? Let’s assume she already has the one that truly matters, and perhaps a pair of earrings or a pendant. After that, giving diamond jewelry actually says, ‘This is the only gift I can think of.’ Flowers are too often associated with ‘Whoops – I did something wrong!’

Women love men who find creative ways to express their love, so be that man. To choose a tapestry for her, you will want to consider her sense of design and theme. Making this extra effort will show her that you are capable of insight, and that you are willing to take risks to please her. In addition, she’ll know you did more than just phone in an order!

There’s nothing quite like a quality piece of wall art. We’re not talking about buying her gaudy flea market wall hangings. Real tapestries offer deep, rich colors and an inspiring variety of romantic themes. When you make a choice that reflects what’s in her heart, your gift will be timeless. This is your chance to show her that you know who she is!

Fruits and flowers

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