Space Exploration – Should We Boldly Go Or Redistribute Wealth to the Poor

Space Exploration – Should We Boldly Go Or Redistribute Wealth to the Poor


Personally, I am ‘all in’ when it comes to NASA space exploration and private space flight futures. Still, there are many who want to re-divert any of such funds to social programs. Yes, you’ve probably heard of this debate before, I know I have. In fact, not long ago, I had someone engage me in this topic once again. Let’s talk.

You see, the other day, I watched a great speech and lecture by Dr. Harrison Schmitt who “has the diverse experience of a geologist, pilot, astronaut, administrator, businessman, writer, and U. S. Senator.” The YouTube speech is titled; “Harrison Jack Schmitt: Return to the Moon: Science, Energy and Energy in the Tech news Human Settlement of Space,” which is also the name of his new book – yes, I hereby highly recommend it.

My acquaintance believes that we do need an asteroid defense system to take out any potentially large boulder headed for our planet, something that is anywhere from 50-300 meters across, suggesting that a missile defense system could go out into space to intercept it. I concur, and yes and it also gets back to Ronald Reagan’s idea that if mankind could fight together in a common cause against a bigger badder enemy, we could come together as a species, even if we are many breeds in one.

Now then, I’d certainly like to remake the point about how wonderful all the technologies we get from our space efforts to help humanity in so many other ways, such as healthcare, material science, propulsion, and our understanding of our universe, just to name a few. My acquaintance noted that we must make our launches much more efficient. Boy I couldn’t agree more.

In fact, there was an interesting article recently in Space News, published on January 15, 2014 titled; “DARPA Chief Says Space Programs Are Too Slow and Costly,” written by Mike Gruss, so my concerns and those of my acquaintance are hereby seconded by people very much in the know – which brings me to my next statement on this topic; “Absolutely! And DARPA is working on this military satellite launches, the Space Shuttle never really was cheap enough for that purpose and NASA never really did fulfill that obligation to put up all the satellites they had scheduled to do. Also Private Space Flight entrepreneurs are working on re-usable booster rockets, etc. smart ideas all, and something we have to do.

We need a better, more efficient way to overcome Earth’s gravity dwell, rather than paying by the ounce. I think here a lot actually. The question is, should the military release through transfer technologies all it knows, and collaborate to bring this to fruition for all, because these same technologies are also dual-use and if all these nations in the middle east are gearing up for a nuclear arms race, do we dare teach them how to put all that information out into the public scientific domain to be stolen for rogue nations with nukes. Please consider all this and think on it.

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