Save on Hair Cutting Services

 Save on Hair Cutting Services

If you have short hair with a “neckline cut” meaning that the hair does not hang down your neck, when your neckline is scraggly, here is what you can do.

With a hand held  mirror and your bathroom mirror, look at the back of your head. See where the neckline cut ends, and just your skin and the grown-out neck hair start. Put your hand on your neck and slide up until your longer, styled hair is hidden under your hand. Slide up just until some of those hairs start to escape from under your hand. Stop. Now look with the hand held mirror. Your hand will be right where the messy neck hairs start at the neckline and go down your neck. When you let your hand go, the styled hair will fall down onto your neck. The following trick works very well for men so they can get an extra week or so out of a haircut.

In the shower, lather up your hair. Now slide your hand up to the beginning of the styled hair and push up just a bit to hold the styled hair up away from the straggly hairs on your neck. Take your razor and start right at your fingers and shave down. You will need to move your hand at least from one side to the other because the neck hairs grow on both the right and the left of your “neck bones.” Rinse, condition, and comb out. Now with the mirrors, check your neck. If there are any stragglers, shave them off. Do NOT shave the regular hair of your hair style, just the grown-out neck hairs. By shaving your neck, you will look cleaner. This will help your style cut to last longer. If your neck is irritated by shaving, put on some soothing lotion afterwards.

If you have medium length hair, set your hair on rollers. This method works best on wavy or curly hair. Curly hair hides mistakes better than straight hair does. Be as tidy as you can as you roll. Use the most rollers that you can roll. Use small rollers even if you usually set your hair on large ones. You are sectioning your hair for cutting; you are not rolling it for a style. Have your sections even without dragging hair from the sides to the back or the back to the front. This cut will work only if you started with a good cut a month or so ago. Unroll one roller. Holding the hair straight out from the scalp, cut straight across following the line of the original cut, taking off about ½ inch to 1 inch. Notice that if your hair is angled, when you unroll it, it will be angled, and you need to cut it angled. If you cut it straight, you will snip off ¼ inch in one part and 3 inches in another. This will change your style. Notice how much you are snipping off.

Put the cut lock out of the way and unroll the next roller. Pull the hair straight out from the scalp. Cut off the same amount of hair that you cut from the first lock. Put that cut lock out of the way. You may need to use a clip to hold it out of your way.

Unroll the next roller. Hold the hair straight out from the scalp. Cut as above. Continue until all the rollers have been removed and the hair has been cut. You will end up with the same style that you had before, only shorter.

With long hair if you like a gypsy or layered style but your ends are icky, you can use the following method to cut it dry. This works best on wavy or curly hair. Brush your hair well so all backcombing and teasing is out. Brush it smooth. If you don’t want your bangs cut, then pin them out of the way or roll them forward with a roller so you don’t grab them when cutting. Bend over at the waist and brush all your hair up to the top of your head. Make sure that your sides and back are smooth.

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