Root Canal Treatment: Deep Study on Root Canal Treatment

 Root Canal Treatment: Deep Study on Root Canal Treatment

One of the most common dental procedures that we all are familiar with is a root canal dental procedure. We all dread root canal procedure. Even if it is someone whom we know for example, our friend, neighbor or a classmate etc we are dreaded. We may make fun of a person who is emergency dentist queens  undergoing a root canal procedure but when we have to experience it ourselves, it is very absurd.

You’ll find it amazing to know that root canal is not a modern dental science, but it has been used for many generations to maintain teeth of the esteemed class people. In the Egyptian civilization, root canal was offered to kings, queens and the rich people. Teeth of the villagers and peasants were normally extracted and then sold to the aristocrats so that they can be used by the esteemed people.

Ancient doctors believed that decay of a tooth was due to germ and worms. The also thought that part of the way to kill the worms was to rinse the affected person’s mouth with his own urine. We may find it disgusting, but it was normal practice for deeper suffering from tooth decay. However, in the 17th century, this practice was discarded and another suitable practice replaced it. Many of the doctors recommend tooth canal procedure as the best procedure to get rid off to the decay. After researching a lot it was concluded that cleaning the pulp and the nerve that is affected is the best solution to get rid off the pain it causes.

Canal saved the tooth by removing the dying pulp and cleaning the nerve that is affected. Basically the pulp exists inside the boot and it can spread to other teeth if not taken care of. The pulp is kept alive by the blood vessels that is supplied to the tip of the root and get travel along the root canal into the tooth.

The main reason for the tooth dying is decay. The decay will keep eating the pulp until the pulp has died. Once the pulp dies the toxin which the decay causes is released into the root tip. This toxin can also infect the jawbone if not taken care properly. You may be shocked to know that if a person treats this condition carelessly, it can lead to one’s death.

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