Review of Dex Sound Sleeper

 Review of Dex Sound Sleeper

The DEX SS-01 Sound Sleeper is often marketed for use with babies and children, but there’s no reason it can’t be used for adults too. The machine offers severa aedex  l nature sounds, some of which can be combined together. Like most sound machines that use recordings, the sound quality lacks clarity and the same few seconds of sound play over and over. Those with sensitive ears can notice when the recorded “loop” starts again, which can be distracting.

The Dex should only be considered effective for masking unwanted noise that is not very loud. That’s because the volume on the machine does not go high enough to mask moderately loud to loud noises.

There are additional issues with the volume. For instance, two buttons control up and down for the volume, so you can’t tell if you are at the loudest setting or not. As a result, you find yourself repeatedly pushing the up button. In addition, each time you turn the Dex on, it returns to its lowest volume level, requiring you to push the button several times to get it back to your desired level.

Reliability and durability probably are questionable with this product, as is the case with virtually all low priced sound / white noise machines. Consider yourself fortunate to get a few years out of it. On the plus side, the machine can work on batteries for convenience and also has a headphone jack. The fairly large size (6 x 10 x 12 inches) makes it quite bulky and a less-than-perfect travel compani

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