Problems You Might Face As a Ferret Owner – Health Related Part 3 – Intestinal Blockage

 Problems You Might Face As a Ferret Owner – Health Related Part 3 – Intestinal Blockage

Ferrets are curious by nature and a bit toddler like to boot. Many ferrets love to put things in their mouths. This can lead to problems.

One of our vestura birth control  earliest ferrets, Simon, started acting sick. He kept trying to vomit, but nothing came up and he didn’t look well. So, I took him to the local vet. The doctor asked us a bunch of questions and noted that Simon was young. At the time Simon was less than a year old.

Yes, just like human little ones, young ferrets love to learn about their world through their mouth.

The doctor decided that it was likely that Simon ate something he shouldn’t have. The doctor gave Simon some barium. The idea was that the barium would go through Simon’s digestive system. Often times the barium will loosen things up and you can find the object of dietary indiscretion in the resultant stool. If you aren’t that lucky, then you can X-ray your little friend.Sometimes surgery is necessary.

We were lucky with our little Simon. The barium helped that red, little piece of red toy pass through his system.

What should you learn from this story about prevention?

1. Young ferrets are more likely to eat bad things than older ferrets, but older ferrets still do it.

2. Ferrets love rubbery things. There isn’t a single mouse or track ball in my house that still has the rubber on the scroll wheel. We’ve gone through three TiVo remote controls because the TiVo button and the select buttons are so attractive. I finally gave up and ordered a new TiVo remote. It lives inside of a plastic bag that is taped shut. I

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