Personalizing Your Needlepoint Pillows

 Personalizing Your Needlepoint Pillows

Do you know that the simplest and most economical way of decorating your room is getting needlepoint pillows? Instead of re-papering or re-painting the walls or spending too much money just to replace your perfectly made custom throw pillows furniture – well chosen throw pillows that are strategically placed can create a new life in any of the space in your room.

If you have a wooden rocking chair at home, they are best accentuated with colorful throw pillows. If your grandparents live with you, for sure the rocking chair is situated in your porch or corridor area. They love to see people, breathe fresh air, and the seeing the whole place the entire day makes up most of their time. To give them more comfort, put some decorative or throw pillows on the rocking chair. This can lessen their back pains as well. They can comfortably sleep while they rock the chair.

Color is the Key

When you use these needlepoint pillows, try to experiment using bold shades. You can decorate your house without following a set of rules. Trust your instinct and start planning what color matches the other. You have to remember that interior designing all boils down to personal preferences. If there limitations at all, there is a very thin line that separates the design and a total disaster. Even if your living is filled with various geometric designs, you can freely choose the colors for your throw pillows – you can randomly choose the shades and hues. You will be surprised to see that everything matches. This strategy really works.

If you noticed that your patterns are clashing with your design, then you can take a look at the embroidered design. They might be a perfect pattern for your pillows. Most of the time, the design is embossed using the same color. You have subtler pattern in this but the effect is greatly textured compared to the solid color.

Shapes are Creative

The shapes and sizes of the accent pillow create statements. You can play up with different sizes. Piggyback is one of the methods

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