P.T. – The Next Generation of Horror

By Christopher Frost  |   Submitted On August 31, 2014

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Expert Author Christopher Frost

August has been a great month for horror fans with the release of the popular indie horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s, which is a power-management puzzle game where animatronic robots provide you with jump-scares upon failure, and the remakes of both Metro games in Metro: Redux, which while not entirely horror games, have their creep atmospheres and clench-inducing moments.

On August 12th Sony and the fictitious company, 7780s studios, released a demo of sorts on the PlayStation Network that would soon go on to be revealed as a playable teaser for the next Silent Hill game, despite the “demo” being in first-person. Apart from the playable teaser being the first of its kind, and a fantastic marketing device, it also managed to be one of the best, and most terrifying, horror games I’ve ever played.


In 2010 Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which is regarded as one of the best horror games ever made, was released and began somewhat of a surge of first-person horror games where the player would be defenseless, with nothing but a flashlight as their disposal to help them navigate the environment while avoiding being caught by the enemy, who would essentially be stalking you for the duration of the game.

What made amnesia such a terrifying experience for me was the feeling of dread that accumulated in me as I continued to play the game, and would stick with me for some time afterward. While I have enjoyed other lantern-style horror games, none quite got to me in that same way that the first Amnesia did, not even its sequel, until P.T.


While it is just a teaser, the entire experience feels quite complete. Despite the short playtime, there’s a lot of content here, a lot of which you don’t even need to access to complete the game. The entire game takes place within a couple of halls in a house, whose ends are connected by doors, one of which is a portal to the other, leaving you to navigate them perpetually to solve the games puzzles.

Besides reaching the trailer at the end of the demo, there is no clear goal at any point. Even when you’re solving the games strange puzzles, you’re never really working towards any solution. All you know is that you’re changing something in some way, but you never really know what, or why. There’s something to be said about this kind of progression, I think it contributes greatly to what makes these types of games so scary. You’re essentially forced to aimlessly wander through an area where you’re constantly in fear of being “attacked”, all while being incapable any action besides walking and looking. This remains a fantastic formula even despite the lack of any failure conditions.


 Scary Games – The Ultimate Means to Experience Horror and Adventure

Scary games are a little bit different from those games that are based on fun, action, and kids. These games are all about horror gaming. You may have seen many horro indie game dev r movies depicting haunted houses and cathedrals full of ghosts and vampires. Now imagine about that sequence when you are all alone in a haunted house. How will you spend a terrible night in a haunted house? Scary games are those that are capable of frightening and shocking players. If you want to develop a brave heart then play such kind of horror games. If you are playing for the first time then gather lots of courage and guts in yourself. Online horror gaming appears so real at a couple of times that you may get scared. For example you may be made to enter a very dark castle during midnight. However those who love horror adventures will experience great delight in playing such virtual indoor sports.

Though games under horror series can be played by anybody still parents must be careful about them. Growing kids may be attracted to such kind of entertainment. There are many kids who like fairytale fantasies, there are others who like horror fantasies. Kids of the second type should not be allowed to play such games. They may get used to them and may also develop false beliefs in existence of dark forces. Parents should make it sure that their growing children do not get influenced by horror video sports. These virtual games often exhibit violence which may not be suitable for innocent growing children.

Most scary games involve a lot of horror sequences and fearful storylines. There may stories like saving a person from trap of a vampire or witch. These games have bright graphics that give a real look to characters and entire animation. The sound effects in this virtual horror games are like that seen in movies. These sounds have a background to create fear in minds of players. Many games have specific torture levels. You can choose the highest and lowest torture level while playing a scary game. Due to use of 3D animation and graphic effects these games keep up players to remain on their seats. In recent years video game lovers have developed a taste of playing virtual sports based on horror and fearful stories. After universal success of some horror movies in last three decades gaming experts introduced these games in the market. Most of them were based on sequences of some popular ghost stories. Introduction of flash technology in gaming world has enhanced the look of fearful gaming series. Scary sleep over is a little bit different.

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