New Orleans Real Estate Post Katrina

 New Orleans Real Estate Post Katrina

New Orleans real estate was devastated by hurricane Katrina. Many people lost everything in the aftermath and several former residents chose to leave for greener  New Port Residences pastures in other cities and states.

However, thanks to herculean cleanup efforts and dogged determination from those who chose to stay, New Orleans real estate is recapturing some of its former glory.

The Damage of Katrina

The worst part of hurricane Katrina managed to miss New Orleans. However, because of the damage done to canal levees New Orleans paid a heavy toll in the aftermath of the storm. Nearly all of New Orleans was flooded with the water being as deep as 15 feet in some areas.


Several months after Katrina, power was being restored to the business district on a priority basis. Additionally, the Port of New Orleans was opened in order to receive relief supplies. Commercial shipments soon followed.

The Army Corps of Engineers began working on repairing the damaged levees almost immediately. Pumps were also installed to remove the flood waters from the city. Demolition crews were hired to dismantle homes beyond repair and salvage what could be salvage

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