Motorcycle Helmet – A Good Habit to Fit Into

 Motorcycle Helmet – A Good Habit to Fit Into

Do you remember when it became mandatory to wear seat belts in cars? Some of us do. Despite all the information on safety and the lives saved from wearing them, it was  kids motorcycle helmets still an adjustment to conform. We thought they were uncomfortable, messed up our clothes, not cool, difficult to remember and hard to get the kids to keep them on. We kept at it of course and eventually wearing your seat belt became a habit of safety that we now don’t give a second thought to.

Wearing your motorcycle helmet is much the same. We have come a long way.

First – it simply can save your life.

Second – It is the law in most places to wear a DOT approved motorcycle helmet while riding. Make sure your helmet has a DOT and/or Snell sticker on the inside or outside of your helmet. This means that the helmet meets the minimum safety standards set by the US Department of Transportation or the higher standards of the Snell Memorial Foundation. These motorcycle helmets have undergone rigid testing processes for impact, penetration, retention and peripheral vision. Any DOT and/or Snell approved motorcycle helmet will help protect you from injury in the event of an accident. More expensive does not necessarily mean more safety.

Third – the purchase of a motorcycle helmet and wearing one is an automatic habit now for most riders and it’s cool.

Gone are the heavy, cumbersome helmets that tired you out just trying to keep your head up. Today’s motorcycle helmets are made from modern quality materials, are super lightweight and improvements are continually being made to make them stronger, more comfortable and even less expensive.  The added bonus is the variety of helmets available now. Safety does not have to be expensive, uncomfortable or boring anymore.

A proper fit is a very important safety factor. Your motorcycle helmet as well as your chin strap should fit comfortably snug. While holding your helmet still with your hands you should not be able to move your head side to side or up and down. A loose helmet that is floppy on your head will not provide adequate protection. A proper fit also cuts down on wind noise and wind in your face (if goggles or visor is used) reducing rider fatigue.

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