LG U400- Proclaim Your Music…

 LG U400- Proclaim Your Music…

Making inroads in our ever-growing lives, mobile phones surely come somewhere on the top of our priority list. Yes, mobile phones have brought a substantia http://firekeeperstudios.com/  l change in our lives and now, we find innumerable things easier than ever. As we are depending more on these powerful gadgets, all the leading handsets manufacturers have been trying to design some marvellous handsets, which can live up to our expectations. As being one of the leading handsets manufacturers in the world, LG has been consistently releasing some fully-loaded stylish mobile handsets, which have to all to elevate our overall mobile experience. The next big gizmo from LG is the LG U400 , which is specifically designed for music lovers – an impeccable blend of all the right factors.

Offering more than just music, the LG U400 would surely let you to live all your music fantasies. It has been diligently designed to let you enjoy music like a DJ. Actually, this highly stylish phone earned its name ‘Neo’ from the highly popular Hollywood flick ‘Matrix.’ Since then, this highly powerful gadget has literally taken the music world with a storm. Its highly capable jog wheel also allows you to make all those slight changes in your music like a consummate DJ. Hence, you get that larger than life music experience, whenever you listen to all your favourite music. Its MP3 player is too good and it can play music in various popular file formats to provide you all the options.

The LG U400 comes with a range of impressive features comprising of its intuitive display screen, video recording facility, video calling feature, stereo Bluetooth, web browser, stereo speakers and email client. Moreover, it also allows you to enhanc

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