In Just Two Weeks, Sarah Became The No 1 in Her Math Class!

 In Just Two Weeks, Sarah Became The No 1 in Her Math Class!

A Blessed Day to all the parents and teachers there!

Do your children and/or students have weak Math skills? Well…you’re not alone! Did you know extra math classes  that 93% of students all over the world have problems understanding Math?

It is proven that a solid Math foundation is very important for our children to succeed. That’s why many parents and teachers do their best ability to encourage and help students to learn Math wholeheartedly and for them to find it fun.

I would like to take this wonderful opportunity to thank one of my co-teacher’s named Teresa Evans. She made an amazing discovery which surely help you as well as parents and teachers.

Let me share you my story. I have a daughter named Sarah who has a problem understanding Math. Every time I see her grade, I really feel guilty because I am not doing anything to help her and be improved in Math. And not to mention I am a Math teacher. I was so busy that time due to lots of work in school and aside from that, I was working on some very important legal matters. I tried to hire a private Math tutor, but not successful because her tutor just told me that she has no initiative to learn Math. I asked my daughter why she hates Math.

What she just told me was it’s not fun like other subjects which allow them to play. I consulted Teresa about my problem with my daughter. Teresa was so kind to give me a gift. It was a book entitled, “Making Math more Fun.” She told me to try it and follow up on her if there’s an improvement. I followed her advice and tried it for a month.

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