How to Select the Best Manual Wheelchair

How to Select the Best Manual Wheelchair

The most efficient way to select a manual wheelchair is to consider the exact needs of the person who will be using it. Otherwise, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the different options, and some individuals may purchase a wheelchair that isn’t really what they wanted. As a starting point, there are four different types of manual wheelchairs: standard, transport, lightweight and bariatric. Within each category, there are different colors, dimensions, and specific features.

It is imperative to select a wheelchair that compliments your loved one’s size. A lightweight wheelchair is ideal for smaller people who may have trouble maneuvering a standard wheelchair on their own. The Drive Cruiser wheelchair transport singapore II is one of the lightest wheelchairs available-it only weighs 36 lbs! Conversely, larger individuals can benefit from having a bariatric wheelchair. These wheelchairs have wider seats and are built to be especially durable. One wheelchair, the Invacare 9000 Topaz, holds up to 700 lbs.

It is also important to assess whether or not the person using the wheelchair wants to be able to maneuver it on his own. For those who don’t have much hand or arm strength, a transport wheelchair may be sufficient. Transport wheelchairs have small back wheels, as opposed to the standard ones that are designed to pushed by the person in the wheelchair. The smaller wheels make it easier to move the wheelchair in tight spaces, such as an apartment or crowded office. Additionally, transport wheelchairs are substantially lighter than standard wheel chairs. The Invacare Bariatric Transport Chair and the Drive Aluminum Transport Wheelchair are both high quality options.

Some seniors prefer wheelchairs with special features, which ought to be taken into consideration when making your selection. Some wheelchairs, such as the Aluminum Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with Cable, come with hand brakes, making it safer to travel over bumpy terrain. Additionally, certain standard wheelchairs can be converted into transport chairs. Buying one of these chairs, such as the Drive Pollywog Wheelchair/Transport Chair, is a great money saver for those who need two different types of wheelchairs.

As long as you know what your senior parent needs in a wheelchair, choosing one shouldn’t be too difficult. You can’t go wrong with an Invacare wheelchair, but there other high quality brands as well. Using the right wheelchair can have a positive impact on your loved one’s quality of life, so taking the extra time to make an informed decision is definitely worth it in the long run.

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