How to Buy Your First LED Grow Light?

 How to Buy Your First LED Grow Light?

I have been through LED grow lights for quite a few years. As a result, I have collected a lot of ideas and methods that can help you optimize your investment. 180w led street light

  You might already know a little bit about lighting. We both know that during the past we use complicated HID lighting systems for indoor grow operations, now many people turn to LED plant lights.

We are going to list the benefits of using LED for growing plants. We will also tell you what you need to think about when you buy the LED grow lights.


If you are new to the HID vs LED debate or have been knowing it for some time. Compared with using the older HID lighting technology, here I will list the main benefits of using LED grow lights.

Less Energy – This is one of the best things about using LED grow lights. They just consume little energy. This can save quite a lot of electricity.

Easier Set up – The LED arrays and lighting units are generally easier to set up and run. Some versions do not need a ballast – just a simple power outlet.

Lasting Longer time – You know that the LED lights will continue for at least 100,000 hours – which is equivalent to many years of growth time. This means that you can use the LED lights for a long time. Save your money and time.

There are many other benefits for using LED grow lights, you may read the benefits to know more. Now we are going to look at some practical tips and suggestions. If you decide to buy lighting systems online, you should keep them in mind.

Go Higher – If you use the HID lights in the past, now you want to use LED grow lights, we recommend going bigger. For instance, if you have a 800 watt HID set up, you should think of around 1200 watts for the new LED lighting system. The good news is that the extra power does not require fans or additional equipment.

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