How An IRS Lawyer Can Help You With An Offer In Compromise

 How An IRS Lawyer Can Help You With An Offer In Compromise

Every year millions of taxpayers are shocked to discover they owe the IRS more money than they can afford to pay. You may not be aware of the alternatives available to Young Dallas IRS Lawyer  you. You may be eligible to pursue an alternative settlement plan called an “Offer In Compromise”. What is an Offer in Compromise? This plan allows a taxpayer to offer a compromise to the IRS to resolve outstanding tax obligations. If you are unfamiliar with this process, it is strongly recommended you retain an IRS lawyer. An experienced IRS lawyer can ensure you do not miss any chance for acceptance of your offer. In addition, an income tax attorney can provide many other services to taxpayers in trouble.

What does an “Offer In Compromise” mean to me?

This is one option that makes it possible for a struggling taxpayer to pay back tax debts. However, the process of an Offer In Compromise can be quite complicated to the average person. It is a wise decision to hire an IRS lawyer to help you. There are specific circumstances in which a tax debt can be legally compromised. These situations would include:

* Doubt as to liability – existing doubt as to validity of the debt
* Doubt as to collectibility – doubt you could ever repay the debt in full

Your IRS lawyer is experienced with these situations and can assist you in filing the correct paperwork to prove financial hardship. An income tax attorney will assess your financial situation and the terms of “Offer In Compromise” to determine your eligibility.

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