Eberlestock Gunslinger – Is It a Hunting or Tactical Backpack?

During the 80’s Glen Eberle overhauled the supply of the customary Olympic Biathlon rifle and subsequently diminished the load by a few pounds while making it a lot more grounded. A major upside for a race of perseverance and precision. It acquired acknowledgment and turned into the norm for Olympic-class biathlon rifles. Eberlestock was conceived, albeit not took on as the organization name until some other time. From that point forward the organization has spread out from rifle stocks into other related regions with Eberlestock rucksacks being one of those business sectors.

The Origins of The Gunslinger

In 2004 the Eberlestock Gunslinger was presented as a hunting rucksack. As the name recommends, it was furnished with a sheath toward the rear of the pack to oblige a hunting rifle. Be that as it may, in 2005 it was moved up to fit a tactical grade 30-30 ammo for saleweapon, for example, a M16 and the pack was assigned the GS05. The primary highlights of the GS05 or Gunslinger are:

Sheath for rifle

Top burden load with helpful full side access

Top cover compartment – holds ammunition or little hardware

Movable or removable abdomen belt

Completely movable shoulder saddle

MOLLE webbing

Hydration sleeve

The limit of the pack is identical to around a multi day pack or around 50 – 60 liter (3000 – 3600 cu in). The rifle sheath folds into the lower part of the pack so a more limited weapon can be conveyed effectively or unfurled for longer rifles. The top cover has a sleeve that unfurls and hence can be utilized to cover the uncovered part of the rifle consequently permitting you to encase a rifle up to 60″ long completely.

Curiously, the GS05 is estimated to meet portable aspects so it very well may be utilized as a movement knapsack. With the sheath collapsed into the base holding a laptop is sufficiently wide. In any case, remember that there is a contrast between just holding a PC and being intended to securely safeguard a PC while being conveyed. The GS05 isn’t a PC knapsack.

An Unexpected Need

The Gunslinger was initially planned by Eberle to be a hunting rucksack and met with high endorsement from trackers. In any case, from the beginning soldiers in the Gulf involved it in exceptional tasks since it was tough and solid in addition to easily handles the M16 or a marksman rifle. So it is normal to find it being utilized by US troops. Hence the association was made between a rifle rucksack intended to further develop the trackers experience and the tactical application by extraordinary powers that viewed a similar pack as profoundly valuable for battle tasks.

The New Version

As of late the Gunslinger/GS05 has been overhauled with another form, the Gunslinger II or once in a while alluded to as the Gunslinger 2. It has three essential redesigns.

The principal compartment has been changed to include both top burden and front burden ability.

The firearm casing has been amplified to all the more likely oblige weapons with enormous optics or bigger body.

The lower part of the sheath has been augmented to consider rifles to be stacked either knob down or handle up.

The Gunslinger 2 comes in two styles, the G2H for trackers and the G2M for military. Both have Padlock (PALS) inside webbing and MOLLE outside webbing. In any case, the G2H accompanies a natural hunting camo designs while the G2M has more military shading like Dry Earth (brown); dark or green.

All in all, is the Gunslinger II a strategic knapsack or a hunting rucksack? The response is that it is anything you want it to be. Initially it was planned as a trackers pack yet commonsense application has made it at home in the backwoods or on the fight front.

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