Dust 514 Game Review

 Dust 514 Game Review

Well after the curtain of silence was lifted in September from CCP games I can give you a girl gamers two cents on Dust 514 the FPS MMO from CCP games. First off I want to say I have been waiting a long time for this game to 303 British ammo for sale reach testing and I was very excited to take part in the dust 514 beta. The idea of having a massive multiplayer online first person shooter on Sony play station was the next step in the fps evolution. The team at CCP has been working pretty hard around the clock since the beta first opened in March of 2012 to continue to develop and add-on new features to the game. There have been so many improvements along the way and I think we will continue to see the game evolve long after the Dust 514 release.

I can describe Dust 514 as a cross between Kill Zone colliding with Quake and the result was an FPS that still looks a little old school but raises the bar on giving players a challenging experience. First off, the game takes place across an entire galaxy and your battle outcomes are the key to gaining territory and acquiring strategic resources. That being said, there is a whole lot of reasons to kill everything. CCP did add the option for girl gamers to choose a female mercenary soldier as mentioned in one of my earlier articles but there was no special appearance to my drop suit making it impossible to see the difference. I am hoping CCP has something planned for female Dust 514 players in the coming upgrades before the launch later this year.

What I liked about this game was the massive maps and the Kill Zone planetary feel. Dust 514 offers a few good selections of vehicles to get around the massive maps. There are a few land vehicles and a gun ship with mounted cannons which I found one of my favorite things to use to get things done. However in order to survive Dust 514 you need to invest in a decent drop suit which is your armor. Your drop suit is your lifeline to staying alive otherwise you die from one bullet. The more upgrades and improvements you make to your suit the better your performance and endurance is. There are so many upgrades to purchase or to earn and so many suit customizations it seems endless. If you have a tricked out combo drop suit, you will definitely dominate in your game. Your suit enhancements are not endless, meaning that you use up your abilities as you play and have to restock the abilities in your suit when they run out. I got tired of it pretty quick, because sometimes all I wanted to do is just get into battle and not waste so much time worrying about restocking all the time.

In the beginning you will suffer a miserable punishment from players that purchased the merc packs or bought AUR (purchased game currency used to buy exclusive upgrades.) All weapons are crappy to use when you begin the game because you suffer a noob penalty meaning weapons don’t really work and it can take at least two full rounds to flatten your opponent. Big explosions are missing from the game which was surprising for a game loaded with big weapons, stationary turrets, different types of grenades and launchers. But never the less, the big weapons are still a whole lot of fun to use and will blow your enemy off the map.

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