Don’t Guess, Know Where the Cheapest Gas is in Your Area Before You Leave the House

 Don’t Guess, Know Where the Cheapest Gas is in Your Area Before You Leave the House

Even though the prices for gasoline have dropped from the $4.00+ that we were all paying from the summer of 2008, we still do not like to pay the prices at the pump where’s the nearest gas station to my location . We feel like we are being robbed no matter what we pay and that we are literally being held “over a barrel” with our wallets.

But the high prices have made a lot of people upset and they are banning together to help you. There are many websites that have been created to help you find the cheapest gas.

We all use Mapquest for finding our traveling locations, but there is more that they are set up to help you with. If you click on the icon named Gas Prices, you will be taken to a page where you enter in your address or zip code. You are not limited to just gasoline prices, of which your choices are: Regular, mid grade, and premium. But you can also find the current prices and purchasing locations for: Diesel and Alternative Fuels: Boidiesel, CNG- Compressed Natural Gas, E-85, Electric, Hydrogen, LNG – Liquified Natural Gas, LPG – Propane. There is also a Gas Price Calculator for calculating the cost of a trip that you may be planning for to see if it is within your budget.

MSN also has a gasoline pricing and locations mapping area on their web page. When you click on the Autos tab, you will find Gas Prices towards the bottom of the page under Driving Tools. This page only shows the pricing for the fuel grades of Regular, Plus, Premium, and Diesel. MSN does not have the other grades that Mapquest offers information on, but if you are only looking for gasoline pricing, it is a good place to get this information. They also have available an area on this web page to calculate your fuel costs for travel.

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