Dealing With Low Water Pressure

 Dealing With Low Water Pressure

Living in a block of flats can sometimes lead to poor water pressure – especially if you’re on the top floor. So what can you do to get around this? This article from PGS  sprinkler water pressure London Plumbers will outline the two best ways of increasing water pressure when the odds are against you.

One way to tackle low water pressure is to use a water tank to store the hot water, then have a pump to pressurise the water so you’ll receive a comfortable shower, rather than a trickle. The downside to this is that having a hot water tank is extremely space consuming and would require the use of the majority of an airing cupboard.

Another popular (but expensive) option is to install a water pressure booster such as the Grundfos Homebooster. This device takes up the room of a small fridge-freezer and combines a pump with an integral water tank. It’ll boost the household pressure to 3bar – which is more than enough for a powerful water flow.

The device is a good solution, which is easy to install and maintain. However, the price tag of approximately £1200 inc VAT is enough to put people off – especially with the additional labour costs on top.

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