Cyber Crimes – Part One

 Cyber Crimes – Part One

Technology attracts a lot of attention due to its uncountable benefits and charms. In this modern age where technology has surpassed itself every time with the launch of a new gadget, the craze is grown even more and has become widespread. Every technology producing company tries to place the best gadget in the market  , and now not only the technology driven companies have to keep themselves updated by the current trends but every company is getting itself registered on the most widely used medium of communication and information the World Wide Web, also better known as the internet.

The internet has now become a complete source of serving for every class that wishes to use it. People use it extensively to gather information, shop, collect data, read news, listen to music, watch movies, connect with people millions of miles away, and every other thing you could think of. The internet is no longer used just by individuals to kill the time, but millions of businesses rely solely on it. The leisure to sit at your home or office and do anything you like with just a few clicks, its use has begun to increase widely and now with the help of modern technology it can be accessed anywhere. With its use on the rise feverishly, people began to come up with mischievous ideas. People who try to make fool of their friends by hiding their real personality and would have a hearty laugh after completing their fun. But unfortunately this act was not left only to the level of harmless mischief, but started to advance to levels where it was no longer harmless but began to be used intentionally for harmful purposes and hence came the birth of a new species of crime which is now called cyber crime.

Cyber crime is a serious issue that has caused many individuals and businesses to suffer. Until the year 2000 it was not considered as a crime punishable by law until it intensified and companies and individuals also including many government organizations became victims of cyber criminals and lost millions of dollars and sensitive data. Until now steps are being implemented to control cyber crimes and awareness is being spread by the government to refrain people from becoming cyber criminals intentionally or unintentionally. Cyber crimes are the easiest to commit as this requires no physical skills, and you can easily hide your identity without anyone knowing it might have been your best friend who scammed you.

During the years cyber crimes kept changing it forms. First there were little viruses (coded files) sent by emails that would infect a person’s computer and cause them to lose data. When antivirus programs came to the rescue, cyber criminals began to develop new ways to hack into other peoples and organizations computers to steal or manipulate their data. After mastering the criminal act and getting bored of playing such small games, these cyber criminals became organized and started to think big, and they developed new ways to actually harm people in far serious ways. Cyber criminals have devised various ways to extort money from people posing as law enforcers to their aid.

A cyber criminal’s profile in most of the crimes are still unknown, as people make multiple accounts using fake identities or stealing other people’s accounts or their identities to carry on their unlawful activities. As the internet facilitates by connecting people through many ways where there is no physical interaction between the people involved, a man can easily pose as a woman and create a fake identity without the other person knowing who is actually behind the scene. Cyber criminals usually operate from places where they are not easily traceable and with the development of new softwares that enable to hide your IP, it has become far easier to mislead. As the police managed to catch the cyber criminals who unintentionally left traces of their whereabouts, turned out to be mostly people of advanced computer knowledge. Internet scams or cyber crime has now taken many different forms. A group of cyber criminals managed to rob people totaling more than $53,000 by asking them to pay for shipping of their free samples that they never received.

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