Custom Scripts VS Pre-Built Scripts

 Custom Scripts VS Pre-Built Scripts

As you read this article, I assume that you are planning to build a website & you are in a dilemma to decide whether to use Pre-built scripts like Joomla/Word scriptsRust macrosrust  Press/OSCommerce or to develop a custom script meeting your specific requirements.

This has been a million dollar question for all those who decide to start-up a business with online presence, but end-up consuming lot of time in research & discussion with programmers/developers. Finally end up with what the programmer suggests & go with either of these without knowing what is the best way to fulfill their requirements.

Let me first deal with the Pre-built scripts.

WHY SHOULD I RE-INVENT THE WHEEL – Ask this question to yourself if you opt to go with custom scripts.

If you plan to start-up a blog site, then there is already a script which does this & WordPress stands ahead on top of all the pre-built blogging scripts. All you need to do is just download the script, install in your web server & start tweaking it to match your themes / functionality.

If you plan to set-up a simple / basic Content Management System (CMS), there are scripts like Joomla / Drupal which does this & you can download & install it to your web server & tweak it to meet your requirements.

All you need is basic understanding of how to upload files to the server & follow the instructions provided by the script vendor & you will be able to do it within minutes.You get regular patches / themes / contributions / add-ons provided by the script vendor as well as community which actively supports the scripts.

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