Crack Addiction

 Crack Addiction

Crack cocaine is a volatile, highly addictive drug. It is usually smoked through a glass or metal pipe and can have a person hooked after just one use. Some addicts say crack pipe  it is like experiencing a “full body orgasm” but the feeling is fleeting, lasting only a few seconds.

Crack is a varied form of powdered cocaine. In the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s, addicts found that smoking cocaine in a base form or “free-basing” was a more intense, satisfying high than snorting. Free-base cocaine is a far more pure form of cocaine than average powdered cocaine. It is processed with water and ether to remove all impurities which yields a more powerful product. It is then smoked through a glass pipe. It is a dangerous process and sometimes causes the cocaine or the ether container to catch fire and explode.

The comedian, Richard Pryor, was on a free-basing binge in the early 80’s when he was hospitalized for burns after an ether explosion. The fire completely covered him in flames and the doctors gave him a one to three chance of surviving. He did survive and his mishap is probably the most famous example of free-basing accidents. Throughout the years, many people have died processing free-base cocaine.

As the early1980’s rolled in, on its heels came a new drug called crack. Crack is more crude form of free-base cocaine. Leaving the impurities in, crack is a culmination of most everything that free-base cocaine isn’t. It is “safer” to produce and smoke. But this doesn’t make it any less lethal.

Crack addiction is similar to free-base addiction, the user will try to get the drug by any means possible and continue to smoke it until close to death. It is an all encompassing addiction that holds no regard for its user or those affiliated with them. One “hit” off a glass pipe filled with crack can get anyone addicted. There is no such thing as a “casual crack smoker” and no one is immune from its addictive grips.

Crack is usually smoked through a glass pipe or metal tubing. Car and radio antennas are used frequently. In many convenience stores, little flowers in glass tubes are sold. You may have seen them. These are made specifically for smoking crack. Pieces of metal wool like brillo-pad or chore-boy pads are stuffed in one end of the pipe. The metal wool serves as a filter and collector, holding the crack rock in place while catching any residual. This way, every bit of the crack rock is smoked. When a pipe is “pushed”, the metal wool is pushed from one end of the pipe to the other, catching any remaining crack residue inside the pipe. A crack pipe may be burnt from both sides and is sometimes cracked or broken. A crack user may have burnt fingertips or lips from smoking a hot pipe.

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