COD MW2 Perks

COD MW2 Perks

Long distance race

The long distance race perk lets you to run constant without running exhausted. Proves to be handy for rushers and individuals who like to scuffle. Whenever you have ran 26 miles, with long distance race prepared, you open Marathon Pro which enables you to ascend stepping stools and stuff quicker.

Skillful deception

Skillful deception gives you quicker reloading particularly helpful in the event that you got a Light Machine Gun. Its additionally Amo Residenceto be handy for rushers, scuffle and secrecy players. It makes the reload season of the SMG’s incredibly quick.

To open Sleight of Hand Pro you want to get 150 kills with skillful deception prepared. Skillful deception Pro assists with a quicker point. This is vital one on one with an adversary. A great deal of the opportunity all that truly matters is who pull’s up their weapon and shoot first.


Forager’s an extremely helpful advantage. Works perfectly with sub automatic weapons that are continuously running out of ammunition or that have quick discharge as a connection. Having this advantage prepared you can resupply from dead bodies and you will see a little blue pack close to them. To open Scavenger Pro resupply multiple times utilizing scrounger.

Scrounger Pro gives additional mags for your weapons when you respawn. Incredible advantage for rushers with a SMG prepared.


Bling permits you to have two weapon connections on any firearm. In any case, in the event that you have no connections opened or just 1 it would be a misuse of an advantage. Its exceptionally helpful for opening connections rapidly and acquiring xp.

Bling ace is opened once 200 kills are got with 2 connections prepared. This gives both of you connections on your optional..

Limited Army

One ManArmy allows you to switch classes any time during the game.It likewise replaces your auxiliary and requires 5 seconds. This is an exceptionally valuable class, in the event that your running short on ammunition you should simply change class.

Exclusive Army Pro is opened with 120 kills and you can trade classes quicker. In the event that you run void a mag in a firefight you have no optional to change to.

Opening 2 Perks

Halting Power

This is the most involved perk for novices. It gives your weapon additional harm against adversaries. This is perfect for a novice frantically attempting to make a kill. You will more probable be involving this advantage toward the beginning for some time.

Halting Power Pro is opened with 120 kills with halting power prepared. This gives you more weapon harm against vehicles as well. It makes less efforts to bring down a harrier or helicopter.


Lightweight assists you with running quicker. Joined with Marathon and a little weapon like the P90 for close battle can be deadly. If you’ve for a long time had any desire to be a P90 rusher face-slicer then this is the most ideal advantage for you.

Lightweight Pro is opened in the wake of running 30 miles with lightweight prepared. Lightweight Pro allows you to draw your weapon quicker in the wake of running.


Hardline assists you with getting killstreaks with 1 less kill. So for instance it would take just 3 kills to get your consideration bundle.

Hardline Pro is opened after 40 killstreaks with hardline prepared, this gives you deathstreak with 1 less passing.

Possibly utilize Hardline on the off chance that you can kill different players in succession. Doesn’t appear to be legit supplanting Stopping Power mind Hardline in the event that you’re as yet not moving past 6 or 7 kills for every game. Additionally have a go at utilizing Hardline with different weapons with high harm, as M16 or AK47 don’t require halting power. Halting power is likewise not required in Hardcore modes. Hardline functions admirably in Hardcore.


Heartless makes you undetectable to choppers, harriers, uav and guard. This is an extraordinary advantage for Snipers and campers yet proves to be useful for all styles.

Merciless Pro is opened with 40 adversary killstreak rewards obliterated. You will have no name or crosshair making it harder for the adversary to recognize you

Peril Close

I dont truly utilize this yet Danger close gives your launchers,grenades and claymores higher unstable harm. It would most likely work very great with explosive launchers and javellin

Peril Close Pro is opened by getting 100 kills with risk close. It gives you higher unstable harm on your kill streaks, would be great with AC-130

Opening 3 Perks


Commando increment’s your skirmish range by a piece giving you an immense benefit when very close.

Commando Pro is opened after 20 kills with Commando prepared. This gives you no falling harm so you can ump off the most elevated building and make due as long as you stay in the guide.

Consistent Aim

Consistent point builds your hip fire exactness. This is valuable for rushers who lack opportunity and energy to pause and point.

Consistent Aim Pro is opened with 80 kills while terminating from the hip and was made for expert riflemen strangely. It gives you longer breath while steadying up for a shot.


At the point when you are near an adversary scrambler interfears with their radar. Seems like something incredible from the get go yet it additionally tells the adversary your nearby.

Scrambler Pro comes in extremely helpful. It cause’s claymore delays. Significantly more valuable than scrambler.


Ninja makes you not appear on Heartbeat sensors and an undisputed top choice. They are particularly helpful in the bad-to-the-bone mode where its practically 100% something like 1 individual in the other group has a heart beat sensor.

Ninja Pro is opened with 50 short proximity kills with ninja prepared. It makes your strides quiet which comes in extremely helpful

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