Buying High Quality Pearls at Pearl Markets

 Buying High Quality Pearls at Pearl Markets

When buying high quality pearls from a reputable and trusted jeweller store one can always ask for a written description or certificate stating the country of origin and the Bridal Jewelry   grading system used to guarantee the quality. And that I suppose is the easy way to go about it. But the fun starts when hunting for high quality pearls at bargain prices in one of the many pearl markets that are commonly found in Asia and the Pacific. Now this is where some knowledge about high quality pearl basics can come in handy to make a great purchase which would last you a lifetime!

The value of a high quality pearl depends on a number of natural physical characteristics, so before buying pearls it makes good sense to know if you are getting good value for your money. To the inexpert eye pearls may all look the same but on looking closely it is amazing to see how each pearl can be different from the other. This is hardly surprising given that each individual pearl is formed by a completely natural process inside a living oyster which can take months and even years to complete. The beauty and natural perfection of a high quality pearl is a really a wonder of nature!

The prices fetched for high quality pearls at local pearl markets can very tremendously. As with any other small scale operation the cash flow needs of the vendor and the available supply of pearls at the time will often determine how far negotiation can bring the price down. If pearl supplies are scarce, such as after a very bad storm, market prices will often go up. Pearl markets that are popular among tourists would definitely ask for higher prices, and if someone you trust can take you around you are more likely to get a better deal. In certain places sellers may even believe that the first customer of the day brings good luck which can also affect the price! As yet there is really no internationally agreed standard attaching value to all the different types of pearls and although technically it is possible to know the weight of a pearl necklace (in Mommes), this is not commonly done and is not crucially important unless you are really going professional.

So before getting completely and utterly lost with the wide variety of colours, shap

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